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Have you ever been in need of a high-quality sign, banner, or something that will make your business/service notable by people? Or maybe something for a more personal need? Something fun to make someone happy? Have you ever searched for that special place where you can find all the most incredible signs for the lowest price?

Look no more as we will be reviewing Signs On The Cheap, a company is known for making signs of all types in aluminum and corrugated plastic. There is likely no cheaper solution to your need for signs due to their amazing offers and special deals on large orders.

Choose one from the hundreds of options for a business-related sign or use one of their professional templates and customize your own. Upload your graphics work, logo, or create those on the spot. Their software may not look intriguing at first but it is extremely easy to work with. Anyway, if you need any assistance, Signs on the Cheap provides incredible customer support that will assist you from the beginning until the end of the process.

If you decide to create your own sign, you will receive nothing less than incredible service. Once you release your signs for printing, they will be reviewed by one of their employees and you will receive an email if there are any problems. Such problems may be a blurry or grainy picture, something that does not fit, etc. Overall, they will not let you be dissatisfied with the final product.


Website & Products

Their website is very straightforward. There is nothing flashy, almost no advertisements apart from a huge sale which can be seen on the top of the front page. Every page of the website is directly dedicated to creating a sign.

Depending on the type of sign you need, you can click on the corresponding page from the quick access bar on the front page. If you already know that you will be creating your own personal sign from scratch, then you can simply use the ‘Design Your Sign’ page which comes first on the far left.

If, however, you need something specific, you should definitely find the corresponding page from the other options. There are three specified categories on signs with only one of them having subcategories included. Besides that, you have a page for sign frames and stands, as well as stickers for cars.

  • Yard Signs
  • Parking Signs
  • Street Signs
  • Stakes & Frames
  • Bumper Stickers

There are six subcategories under Yard Signs that you can choose from and get into the specific templates. Depending on your business, you can use an already finished one or customize it entirely. It is fair to say that Signs On The Cheap has you covered on a variety of services and businesses if you do not have the time to start from scratch.

As for the parking signs, you have about at least a few hundred templates to work with. The finished ones that you can customize are really fresh and fun, therefore, you can already use one of them. Otherwise, you can change the information to something specifically for your needs and the colors.

I think Street Signs are something that rarely gets purchased but can be used as a fun addition to your home. If you have a garden for example, or you want to place a sign in your flat towards your room, you have a variety of templates to work with. By a variety, I mean hundreds of options. Overall, it is a fun way of directing your friends or guests to your front door or to a party.

Stakes & Frames was already mentioned above as a category and is dedicated to all the accessories that you may need for your signs. Not everything has to be pinned to a wall. You can simply buy a high-quality stand for your sign and it will look just as good.

Finally, we reached the final service by Signs On The Cheap – Bumper Stickers. These are always fun to look with. Of course, there are the serious ones like “Baby in the car”, etc. but the majority of bumper stickers are jokes. Here, you have over 50 templates to work with. The finished ones that you can choose from are also incredible – honestly, I can easily choose 15 and be over with it already.



You can get familiar with their pricing methods in-depth on their website but I have to say that their ‘Pricing’ page is really useful. It allows all possible customers to find out how expensive an order will be beforehand. You can customize a sign from the options and by every additional characteristic you tick, it changes the price.

Other than that, they have a full pricing grid page where you can see the prices for basically every option up to the very high quantities. There are charts for every size of every material with every color scheme and the prices start from a single sign to a bulk of 5000.


Additional Services Offered

These services are not available on the Signs on the Cheap website but they are available through the other two websites by the same company – Banners on the Cheap and Magnets on the Cheap. Pretty similar and straightforward, don’t you think?

Anyway, these two websites are dedicated to cheap high-quality banners and magnetic signs for cars and anything made from metal actually. Therefore, if you are reading this and a regular sign is not exactly what you need, the quality of their banners and magnetic signs is just as high.


Final Thoughts

Personally, I have never seen a cheaper sign service that allows me to do so many customizations without a change in price. Currently, the price listed on their website is $99 for 100 signs, can you believe that.

Overall, the quality seems to be perfect and it all becomes possible through their impeccable customer service. Moreover, you can contact this exact service to assist you through the entire process of creating a sign.

Signs On The Cheap is definitely the go-to service for anyone who needs high-quality signs for the lowest price with the quickest delivery.